How can smart meters contribute to decarbonisation?

The most recent report from the IPCC highlighted the need for businesses across the UK to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviour

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So, what are some of the biggest questions that businesses are asking about smart meters?

How does a smart meter help with decarbonisation of the grid? And how does this help to reduce CO2 emissions?

In the UK, we’re currently making great progress on the path to fully renewable electricity. But to fully decarbonise the grid and reduce emissions, we need to ramp this up even further.

Renewable energy production is intermittent. This means that, when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, we’re often not producing energy. Likewise, on incredibly sunny or windy days, we’re producing a lot more energy than we need. As a result, the grid can be unbalanced. To combat this, we need a truly smart, flexible grid.

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