French asked to cut air con use by “trapping” cool air

Businesses could be handed fines of up to €750 if they do not close their doors while air-con systems are on

Big Zero Report 2023

Air-conditioned shops and restaurants in France will be ordered to keep their doors closed in a bid to cut energy waste.

French Minister of Ecological Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher told RMC radio leaving the doors open while the air conditioning systems are on leads to “20% more consumption and it’s absurd.”

She added: “In the coming days, I will issue two decrees – the first will widen the ban on illuminated advertising, whatever the size of the city, between 1am and 6am.

“The second will ban shops from having their doors open while the air conditioning and heating are working.”

It has been reported that a fine of up to €750 (£639) could be given to shops that do not comply with the new rules.

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