Government clamps down on water pollution

New planning permission has also been granted for sustainable countryside homes

Big Zero Report 2023

The government has announced new plans combat water pollution and build sustainable countryside homes.

Water companies will now have a legal duty to upgrade wastewater treatment works by 2030 to ensure their impact on wildlife and habitats is as limited as possible.

Local planning authorities will also now be granted planning permission for new sustainable homes in areas that have previously had issues with water pollution.

The Environment Agency has also received new funding to take farm inspections up to 4,000 a year next year, with new rewards given to farmers who take sustainable actions.

George Eustice, Environment Secretary, said: “This is just one part of ongoing Government action to improve water quality across the country, from targets in our world-leading Environment Act to action on storm overflows.”

Levelling Up Secretary, Greg Clark, added: “It is essential that new homes do not impair the quality of our rivers, streams and wetlands. These measures will ensure the development can take place but only where there is practical action taken to protect our precious aquatic habitats.”

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