Government backs space tech to fight climate change

It will invest £3m into spaced-based solar

Big Zero Report 2023

The government will make £3 million available to boost space-based solar technology.

This will use the Sun’s energy to power solar panels orbiting the Earth; the clean energy is then beamed back down, without being impacted by weather.

Funding will also be provided to technology that monitors weather from orbit, providing more accurate readings and updates.

Announcing the new funding, Kwasi Kwarteng, Business and Energy Secretary, said: “Space-based solar power could provide an affordable, clean and reliable source of energy for the whole world to benefit from, helping the move away from expensive fossil fuels.

“Today’s investment is an exciting example of how we can go even further in our ambitions to make the UK a science superpower.”

David Morris MP has also been elected as the UK’s National Space Champion, to devote more time to space technology. He said: “The UK space sector is fast becoming a world leader and I look forward to being a champion for the industry within government to ensure we are able to spearhead the industry to even further growth.”

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