Kwasi Kwarteng on The Big Zero Show: “Cheaper, cleaner power in Britain for Britain”

In a video message, the Business Secretary reiterated the need to accelerate the UK’s transition away from expensive gas

Big Zero Report 2023

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Now is the time for the UK to focus on accelerating the energy transition.

That’s the suggestion from Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng who addressed hundreds of delegates of The Big Zero Show at Coventry Building Society Arena: “With gas prices at record highs and the price of renewable energy plummeting we need to accelerate our transition away from expensive gas.

“Now more than ever, we must focus on generating cheaper, cleaner power in Britain for Britain.”

Kwasi Kwarteng repeated the measures the government has taken to protect businesses from the rising cost of living.

He said: “We have cut taxes for hundreds of thousands of businesses by increasing the employment allowance and slashing fuel duty. For British Industry we have extended our energy bills relief scheme for another three years.”

Click the video to watch the entire statement of the Business Secretary.

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