GM partners for 500 EV charging station installations

This will include 2,000 chargers across US motorways

Big Zero Report 2023

General Motors (GM) has partnered with Pilot Travel Centers and EVgo to build 500 electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

These installations would see charging points available every 50 miles across US motorways.

Pilot Travel Centers is a chain of truck stops, with EVgo specialising charging infrastructure.

The development will see 2,000 charging stalls across 500 sites, according to the partners.

GM has stated that the first charging site should be operational by 2023 – with hopes that this development will allow interstate travel throughout the US with ease in an electric car.

The Biden Administration has set an aim for 500,000 charging stations to be installed by 2030.

Currently, 124,000 public chargers are available at more than 49,000 stations.

By 2035, GM has committed to only making EVs and investing $750 million (£633m) into chargers.

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