Biden to inject $56m into domestic solar

The President is looking to lessen the US’ reliance on China for solar panel deliveries

Big Zero Report 2023

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The Biden Administration has revealed that $56 million (£47.3m) will be made available to fuel the production of solar energy technologies.

The US is looking to increase its manufacturing rates to wean its procurement of Chinese goods.

This funding will be provided by the Department of Energy – and follows a report released last week by the International Energy Agency claiming that countries need to build their own solar products if net zero goals are to be achieved.

Reliance on Chinese products has become far too common the report claims – with 90% of the US’ solar panels developed abroad.

Solar projects in the US have faced heavy delays waiting for the delivery of Chinese parts – exacerbated heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden is looking to cut fossil fuel reliance by 2035 and has stated that this new move will be one of the key ways to facilitate that change.

Acting Director of the Department of Energy’s Solar Office, Garrett Nilsen, said: “It’s necessary that we take the steps to ensure that we can be as self-sufficient as possible. Not only for hitting decarbonisation goals but also just to make sure that we are as insulated as possible from any other global trade disruptions that might take place.”

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