Thursday 14 July 2022

Shell chemical plant could hit net zero by 2032

Shell chemical plant could hit net zero by 2032

Shell’s Chemical Park in Moerdijk could reach net zero by 2032 – using hydrogen and carbon capture technology.

That’s according to Shell, which is currently working on its production of pyrolysis oil, which is a liquid made from hard-to-recycle plastic waste used as a chemical feedstock.

It has stated it will invest billions into the Moerdijk facility in the next decade to ensure it’s on track for net zero.

Last year, it was announced this figure would be somewhere within the region of €4 billion (£3.3bn).

Bio-based feedstocks and applying the use of green hydrogen and carbon capture to power the chemical park is the main way Shell is looking to slash emissions to zero.

Its new pyrolysis oil machine will create 50,000 tonnes each year, which it claims is the same in weight to almost 8 million plastic bags – part of its aim to recycle one million tonnes of plastic waste in its chemical plants by 2025.

Richard Zwinkels, General Manager of the park, said: “Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk wants to accelerate the energy transition, be a leader in the transformation of the Dutch chemical industry and grow by making more circular, low carbon products for our customers and society.

“This comes with three major goals: net zero emissions within ten years; increasing the use of circular and bio-based feedstocks and doubling the number of chemical products by investing in new product lines.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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