Thursday 14 July 2022

Brazil to offer 7MW wind turbine to global market

Brazil to offer 7MW wind turbine to global market

Energy equipment manufacturer WEG has revealed its latest design – a 7MW wind turbine, which will be the largest in its home country of Brazil once it becomes operational.

With a 172-metre diameter, the prototype is allegedly ready to be launched by 2024 at the latest – and marks a large step-up from WEG’s previous 4.2MW turbine.

The previous turbine was built specifically to deal with Brazilian weather conditions, however, WEG has stated that the new larger turbine is adaptable to all types of weather, with an aim to take it to the global market.

It claims that the turbine is also capable of providing reactive energy even when there is no wind.

João Paulo, Managing Director, said: “With wind turbine qualified engineering teams from Brazil, USA and Germany, in addition to the expertise of producing many of the components internally, such as generators, electric motors, electronic components and paints, we will achieve important cost and quality advantages.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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