Global warming could mean more fires in Surrey

By 2050, 1°C increases could be seen in the reserves

Big Zero Report 2023

Climate change is increasing the risk of fire and evaporation in Surrey’s heathlands.

That’s according to a report by the Wildlife Trusts, claiming that these lands have more than 30 days annually that are deemed a ‘very high’ risk level.

From late spring, the heathlands are subject to environmental disaster, as global temperatures continue to climb.

The report reveals that all of the Wildlife Trust’s reserves will experience 1°C increases in temperature in the summer by 2050, with more than half of these seeing river flows fall by 30%.

In recent years, Bisley, Ash Ranges and Chobham Common have been the victim of fires – with more than 10km of vegetation burned last April.

James Herd, Director of Reserves Management, said: “Every wildfire is a potential tragedy for nature, and it is deeply concerning that a changing climate is putting Surrey’s habitats at greater risk. We need more ambitious and urgent action from government, businesses and individuals to reduce the risk and impact of further warming.”

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