‘Climate change a scare for 80% of tea industry’

Your next cuppa could be in danger!

Big Zero Report 2023

Across the tea industry, 80% of professionals say climate change is a huge worry to the future of their business.

That’s according to research by Chinese tea company, Firsd Tea, which is the largest importer of Chinese tea in the US.

Its analysis revealed that changing rain patterns, extreme heat and unpredictable weather is already taking a toll on the industry’s yield and productivity – and 95% of respondents said the impact of these on the sector is only going to get worse.

Much of the tea industry is now calling on consumers and stakeholders to join together in stopping more damage to the industry – with true worries of supply running out in the coming decades if no changes are made to mitigate climate change.

Jason Walker from Firsd Tea said: “We hope this revelation of widespread worry serves as a rallying cry within the tea industry to unite in further dialog on protecting the environment and tea businesses.”

Sean Cash, Professor of Global Nutrition at Tufts University, commented on the findings: “This clearly supports the urgent need for collaborations that will help protect and support the future of tea for years to come.”

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