Thursday 7 July 2022

Screwfix owner Kingfisher targets net zero emissions by 2040

Screwfix owner Kingfisher targets net zero emissions by 2040

The owner of brands including Screwfix and B&Q has made a commitment for net zero emissions by 2040.

Kingfisher, the international home improvement retailer, has also set an increased 60% sustainable home products sales target for 2025.

During 2021/22, the company achieved a 24.5% reduction in carbon emissions across its operations following Kingfisher's transition to using 100% renewable electricity and investments in energy efficiency measures as well as the rollout of alternative fuels within its delivery fleets.

During the same period, more than £5.8 billion, or 44.1%, in annual sales came from products that help customers create more sustainable homes.

Around 87.2% of wood and paper in products and 100% of catalogue paper are now being responsibly sourced and on track to become “forest positive” by 2025/26.

Thierry Garnier, Chief Executive Officer of Kingfisher plc said: “We are committed to helping tackle climate change by setting targets both in the short and in the long term. In the short term, we are on track to reduce our carbon emissions in line with global efforts to limit warming to below 1.5°C by 2025. In the long term, we are now committed to reach net zero emissions by the end of 2040.

“Helping our customers to live in more sustainable homes is another of our key priorities. We think everyone deserves a greener, healthier home – that’s comfortable to live in but uses fewer resources and costs less to run. With rising energy prices, home energy efficiency has never been more important.

“There is more to do but we have made good progress since last year, not only with our progress on carbon reduction but also with our work to become a more inclusive company and our commitment to help people living in unfit housing.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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