Technology – how can we do more with what we have?

Watch this Big Zero Lecture from the inaugural Big Zero Show to find out

Big Zero Report 2023

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“It’s not the actions that we take today that will define our futures. It’s not the actions that we take over the next century, it’s the action over the next decade that will really have the impact on delivering a net zero future.

“We have the technology in front of us, it’s really about how we rev-up those technologies and do more with what we have.”

That’s the view of Marc Garner, Vice President for Secure Power at Schneider Electric UK&I, who spoke at the Big Zero Show, as part of the Big Zero Lectures.

In case you missed his lecture, he explains why data, electrification and digitalisation are all key in helping us achieve net zero by 2050.

Marc says that using these effectively will help us beat climate change and we have the tools at our disposal – but what are they and how can we do this?

Watch the full session to learn more.

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