Wednesday 29 June 2022

EU aims to ensure hydrogen and electric aircrafts take flight with new alliance

EU aims to ensure hydrogen and electric aircrafts take flight with new alliance

The EU Commission has launched a new alliance aimed at commercialising and making hydrogen-powered and electric aircrafts a reality.

It is calling on representatives from aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, energy and fuel companies, certification agencies, consumer and environmental groups and regulators to join the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation and prepare the aviation ecosystem for zero-emission aircrafts.

They will work together to identify barriers to the commercial service of these aircrafts, establish recommendations and a roadmap to address them as well as promote investment projects.

The members will, in particular, look at issues such as the fuel and infrastructure requirements of hydrogen and electric aircrafts at airports, standardisation and certification and the implications for operators and air traffic management.

More than 44,000 new aircrafts are expected to be placed on the market over the next two decades, with the potential market volume for zero-emission aircrafts estimated at 26,000 by 2050 with a total value of €5 trillion (£4.3tn).

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market said: “Europe's aeronautics industry is the most innovative in the world. And its enthusiasm – from large manufacturers to equipment suppliers and small companies and start-ups – to lead the way to hydrogen and electric propulsion aircraft is really encouraging. But the entire aviation ecosystem, including fuel suppliers, airport operators and regulators, also needs to get ready.

“The Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation will help coordinate efforts by companies and organisations to maintain a competitive and sustainable aviation sector.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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