WHO and UK launch alliance to turn COP promises into reality

This platform will help countries deliver on commitments to make healthcare greener

Big Zero Report 2023

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and UK government have combined to form a health-climate platform to help developing countries make good on promises made at COP26.

Called the Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate Change and Health (ATACH), this new platform will focus on creating sustainable health systems for countries – working with any nation that signed up to the COP26 Health Programme.

There are currently 60 signatories from Health Ministers worldwide to this pledge – as they look to implement low carbon and climate-resilient healthcare systems with greener supply chains.

WHO Director, Dr Maria Neira, explains: “This new alliance is intended to sustain the momentum and advance action on climate change and health at country level, to help countries bridge the gap between commitments and implementation as a first priority.”

She claims that the health sector is “ready to lead by example” and with the correct backing, robust policy and planning can be put to the test.

“Resilient healthcare systems are absolutely crucial to successful adaptation to climate change in any scenario, while also playing an essential role in low carbon sustainable development and greening supply chains.”

Different groups will be set up to work with specific members on their unique plans – helping with financing, budgeting, procurement and understanding.

The WHO has stated it will act as a secretariat to the alliance.

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