F1 on track to 2030 net zero finish line

The racing tournament claims it is ‘racing’ towards its eight-year target

Net Hero Podcast

Formula 1 (F1) has stated it is well on track to achieving its 2030 net zero target, having already steered through some of its short-term goals.

It has revealed that its carbon footprint has been cut heavily using remote broadcasting, which has reduced the need for freight – and its offices are now run using 100% renewable energy.

Last season, F1 implemented E10 fuel, which reduces carbon emissions due to 10% of its makeup coming from ethanol. To go further on this, it is currently working alongside Aramco to develop a 100% sustainable fuel to be used in races from 2026.

F2 and F3 are being used to trial different cleaner fuels in preparation for their use in the top races.

It claims that with eight years to go until its net zero target, it is ‘racing’ towards it – with the next point to address on its carbon reduction plan, the environmental footprint of traveling fans and viewers.