Siemens Energy and Air Liquide join for mass-scale hydrogen venture

The companies are looking to produce 3GW of hydrogen a year by 2025

Big Zero Report 2023

Siemens Energy has teamed up with Air Liquide to mass-produce hydrogen electrolysers across Europe.

As part of the French and German collaboration, Siemens will hold a 74.9% stake in the venture, with Air Liquide taking 25.1%.

The factory from which the companies will operate will be based in Berlin, with an aim to produce 3GW of hydrogen a year by 2025.

The first project the companies are looking to build for is in Normandy; constructing a 200MW electrolyser at Air Liquide’s facility.

“To make green hydrogen competitive, we need serially produced, low-cost, scalable electrolysers. We also need strong partnerships. Together with Air Liquide, as a pioneer in hydrogen for over 50 years, we look forward to implementing innovative solutions and collaborating to shape this new hydrogen market,” said Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch.

Air Liquide CEO François Jackow added: “In line with its Sustainable Development strategy, Air Liquide is more than ever committed to making hydrogen a driving force of the energy transition and of the fight against global warming.”

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