Manchester building and retrofitting low carbon homes

A third of the city’s homes will be retrofitted by 2032, the council has said

Big Zero Report 2023

Manchester City Council has announced a third of the city’s 70,000 social homes will be retrofitted to become low carbon by 2032.

It has set an aim for the city to become net zero by 2038 and cutting the carbon footprint of the housing is considered a large part of that.

During the next decade, the council will build 36,000 new houses – with half of those being finished before or by 2025 being low or zero-carbon.

Councillor Gavin White said: “We are confident that this new strategy will help our residents move into the homes they need and it will react to a number of challenges, including increasing the number of affordable and social homes, helping people to get a foot on the property ladder and to make sure housing is a key part of the city’s zero carbon journey.”

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