E-scooter trial in Bristol expanded to cover whole city

The expansion of the Voi e-scooter rental scheme is expected to help reduce congestion and pollution in the city

Big Zero Report 2023

A rental scheme of Voi’s e-scooter in Bristol is to be expanded to cover the entire city.

It reflects the popularity of e-scooters and ridership has hit more than four million journeys, with riders travelling nearly seven million miles across Bristol and South Gloucestershire since being introduced in October 2020 – more than any other Voi city.

The expansion means the service, which will cover the northwest of the city and then to the south of Bristol in July, is now available to nearly half a million people and will help reduce congestion and pollution in the city.

It support Bristol City Council’s goal of becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

Councillor Don Alexander, Cabinet Member for Transport said: “Opening up e-scooters to the whole of Bristol will increase the range of transport options to all of our residents, providing more sustainable travel choices and helping us work towards cleaner air and less congestion and pollution while unlocking barriers to inclusive economic growth.

“There are some elements of the trial that could be improved, and the recent extension of the trial to November and this geographical expansion to the entire city will give the opportunity to get more data and test possible solutions.”

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