Plans unveiled for $225m net zero protein processing facility

Phyto Organix Foods’ facility will process 40,000 metric tonnes of yellow peas into soluble and insoluble protein isolates, processed fibre and starch and dietary pea hull fibre

Big Zero Report 2023

Plans to develop a new net zero plant protein processing facility in the Town of Strathmore, Alberta, have been unveiled.

Phyto Organix Foods, a Calgary-based processor, developer and distributor of sustainably-processed plant-based protein, starch and fibre, said the CAD$225 million (£140m) facility will use proprietary wet fractionation technology to annually process 40,000 metric tonnes of yellow peas grown in close proximity to the facility.

They will be processed into soluble and insoluble protein isolates, processed fibre and starch and dietary pea hull fibre.

The 100,000-square-foot facility will employ “industry-leading” water recycle and reuse technology, with the aim of recycling 75% of its process water, install heat integration reducing overall energy consumption and emissions as well use low emission energy sources to power the plant.

Chris Theal, Founder, President and CEO of Phyto Organix said: “This is an exciting time to be an Albertan.

“Our $225 million investment will generate over $120 million [£75m] of annual GDP, employ 80 Albertans and yield tangible economic diversification in the Town of Strathmore and the Province of Alberta. Our team has designed a net zero facility to produce food products that embody our core values of health, wellness and sustainability. We are energised to lead the plant protein industry in Alberta.”

Phyto Organix received CAD$1 million (£0.62m) over two years from the federal and provincial governments through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to support engineering costs and purchase of equipment.

Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food added: “Alberta’s food processing sector is a key driver of our economy and consumer demand for Canada’s responsibly produced plant-based protein is rising worldwide.

“This investment in Phyto Organix’s new, net zero facility supports local growers, protects the environment and increases our capacity to meet global demand for our high-quality, sustainable food.”

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