Octopus’ blankets save £300 for customers’ energy bills

The company claims its electric blanket scheme has saved consumers 19% on their costs

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Octopus Energy has revealed that its electric blanket scheme has reduced its customers’ energy bills by 19% – equating to £300 per year.

The company launched the scheme at the start of this year, to quash customers anxieties on rocketing energy bills and prices.

Around 7,000 free electric blankets were sent out to consumers by the business to stop the need for heating an entire home.

Octopus Energy claims that it costs less than 3p an hour to keep someone warm with an electric blanket and keeping a house warm for a day costs up to £4.70.

Using smart meter data, the company estimates that £300 savings were made from the scheme.

Blankets were made available to those who fit the criteria of needing them the most and in more harsh financial situations.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin from Octopus Energy Group said: “This analysis proves just how much difference it makes – with savings of £300 this is perhaps the single biggest thing many people can do to stay warm affordably in these tough times.

“This crisis is real – but alongside the government’s welcome support package, there is a lot that energy companies can do and Octopus will be relentless in finding ways to help.”