Council aiming for ‘Mini-Holland’ cycling system

It has received £3m in government funding to boost cycling and walking

Big Zero Report 2023

Suffolk County Council is looking to adopt a Dutch-style cycling infrastructure to promote cleaner transport and commutes.

The council has received more than £3 million from the government to boost walking and cycling.

Adding cycling enhancements to four roads in both Ipswich and Lowestoft are where the council will look to target the spending.

It is also investigating the feasibility of introducing what it calls a ‘Mini-Holland’ cycling system into the county, with the help of £80,000 from Active Travel England.

If this study is approved by the government, Suffolk could receive close to £20 million to implement the infrastructure.

The changes the scheme would include are junctions built for cyclists and pedestrians, less traffic on residential roads and far more hubs to keep your bikes or pick them up.

Councillor Alexander Nicoll said: “If we want to get people out of their cars for short local journeys, we must develop ways of encouraging them to do so.

“High-quality walking and cycling infrastructure enables more people of all ages and abilities to choose active travel for short and medium length journeys, something that will have a real impact on congestion and pollution.”

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