REA: ‘UK economy could gain billions from low carbon transport’

It says all forms of transport must be included from maritime, land and air

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Transport decarbonisation could provide a multi-billion-pound boost to the UK economy.

That’s according to research by the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) and Hitachi Energy, which is pushing for more government action to be taken to make sure these benefits are seen.

The report analyses the energy requirements needed for net zero transport to be implemented, using Southampton as a case study given the variety of maritime, land and air transport available in the coastal city.

It reveals that currently the Solent maritime sector provides 20% of the area’s economy (£6 billion each year) – but this could rise by £2 billion with the growth in shipping that would arise from low carbon transport.

Chief Executive of the REA, Dr Nina Skorupska, explains: “The report makes clear that, if decarbonisation is achieved across all of these modes of transport, local economies could see multi-billion-pound benefits.

“However, this potential will only be realised if the government delivers a consistent framework, guidance and resources to local areas so they can produce transport decarbonisation plans.”

“The transition to a net zero transport system must happen in Southampton and in other port cities via an integrated and coordinated approach, considering the needs of all transport modes as well as the low carbon energy sources needed,” adds Ian Funnell from Hitachi Energy.

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