Bank of America to double EV charging stations at its financial centres

It has teamed up with Electrify America to have more than 350 chargers at 90 locations over the next year

Big Zero Report 2023

Bank of America has announced plans to work with Electrify America to more than double the number of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) at its financial centres by the end of 2023.

A total of 172 Electrify America EV chargers were installed at 46 financial centres, including in California, Florida, Maryland and Washington, at the beginning of 2022.

The organisations intend to increase the figure to more than 350 chargers at 90 locations over the next year in several new states including Colorado, Indiana, New York and Oklahoma.

Bank of America is an EV100 member and has also installed charging stations at employee offices, with chargers at more than 100 locations for employee use as part of its workplace charging initiative which was launched in 2017.

Aron Levine, President of Preferred Banking at Bank of America said: “At Bank of America, our commitment to a more sustainable future is woven into our culture and the many ways we serve our clients and communities.

“Through our collaboration with Electrify America, we’re making life easier for the communities we serve and are helping lead toward a more sustainable future.”

The initiative is part of the bank’s efforts to support low carbon solutions and accelerate the path to net zero.

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