Wolves howling for climate change

The Premier League side has teamed up with an environmental non-profit to tackle the climate crisis

Big Zero Report 2023

Premier League football club Wolves has partnered with environmental non-profit Football for Future to promote sustainability.

As part of its partnership, the club will develop an environmental sustainability strategy to tackle the impacts of climate change and focus on the role football plays in the climate crisis.

Staff workshops will also take place to teach staff of the impacts the club has on and off the pitch with its carbon footprint and also address how it can improve.

Wolves has stated that the average grassroots football pitch in England loses five weeks a season currently due to bad weather that is being exacerbated by climate change.

On top of this, sport in general reportedly accounts for a global carbon footprint equivalent to a country the size of Tunisia, with 70% of these emissions from fan and team travel.

It has cited these as key factors in its decision to act now, as well as the IPCC report.

Safety & Security Director at the club, Steve Sutton, said: “We look forward to establishing a club-wide sustainability strategy, developing our understanding and improving our environmental performance to position Wolves as an industry leader, engaging with fans and stakeholders on this very important issue.”

“We look forward to fostering culture change and positive attitudes towards environmental sustainability at the club as part of this project,” added Football for Future’s Thom Rawson.

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