Polestar drives emissions down by 6% per car

The company has cleaned up the supply chain with renewables and energy efficient measures

Big Zero Report 2023

Swedish electric vehicle (EV) maker Polestar has revealed that last year it reduced the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per car sold by 6%.

This has been stated in its annual sustainability report, with a heavy focus on renewable energy use and energy efficiency in its supply chain cutting down the carbon footprint of its EVs.

Polestar has committed to halving the carbon emissions per car sold by 2030 and reaching carbon-neutrality by 2040.

It has also set the aim of becoming the first automaker to build a fully climate-neutral car by 2030 and uses blockchain technology to accurately track its carbon.

CEO Thomas Ingenlath said: “Goals set 10 or 20 years ahead in time might feel fluffy. That’s where proper reporting comes in – making us accountable for the steps taken every year towards that goal.

“This is the climate decade. Change and improvement must happen all the time and we can’t afford to wait. I’m proud to say we reduced GHG emissions per car sold by 6%.”

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