Thursday 12 May 2022

VW launching electric pick-up truck and SUV in US

VW launching electric pick-up truck and SUV in US

Volkswagen (VW) has revealed it will build a fully electric SUV and pick-up truck in the US.

Its American brand Scout will be taken into the electric vehicle (EV) space for the first time, with prototypes expected to be unveiled at the end of this year and production to begin in 2026.

SUVs and pick-up trucks are some of the most popular purchases in the US market and VW has stated that creating EV options will help cut its carbon footprint in the country.

The company is looking to grow its market share to 10% in the US and do so through electric options.

Herbert Diess, CEO Volkswagen AG, said: “We are now taking the opportunity to further strengthen our position in one of the most significant growth markets for EVs.

“Electrification provides a historic opportunity to enter the highly attractive pick-up and R-SUV segment as a group, underscoring our ambition to become a relevant player in the US market.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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