Three new solar farms in the UK to charge Vodafone’s net zero targets

Once operational, the projects are forecast to produce enough electricity to power 30,000 homes for a year

Big Zero Report 2023

Three new solar farms in Lincolnshire, Worcestershire and Nottinghamshire will help Vodafone decarbonising its operations and hit its net zero goals.

Vodafone will purchase a significant proportion of the electricity output, an estimated 55GWh, from the solar farms.

That follows a ten-year power purchase agreement with Centrica and MYTILINEOS’ Renewables and Storage Development Business Unit.

When fully operational, the solar farms are predicted to supply more than 100GWh of renewable electricity annually,

That is predicted to be enough to power a town of almost 30,000 households for a year and save around 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Ahmed Essam, UK Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone, said: “Achieving our ambitious net zero targets is a critical part of our company strategy. Already, our entire business in the Uk and Europe is powered by 100% renewable electricity.”

The telecoms giant has committed to achieving net zero UK operations by 2027.

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