Mayors meeting to talk climate change

This will be the first time they have come together on net zero since COP26

Big Zero Report 2023

Mayors from across the UK and Ireland are set to meet in June to discuss decarbonisation for the first time since COP26.

SSE Energy Solutions and Green TV have arranged the Mayors Leadership Group, which will see mayors from both countries meet in Manchester to discuss issues on panels and devise a net zero strategy.

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham will lead discussions, with the event being held in the city he represents.

The event itself is set to be decarbonised with event organisers tracking carbon levels and sustainability to offset this footprint.

Nathan Sanders, SSE Energy Solutions, said: “We have national challenges to get to carbon net zero and we believe local solutions and empowerment are key to resolving them. SSE is creating 1,000 jobs each year to 2025 as we work to deliver £12.5 billion worth of vital energy projects and support the UK government’s new energy strategy.”

Andy Burnham said: “This isn’t just about making our city-region greener. It’s about making it fairer – by creating thousands of good jobs in the green economy, building and retrofitting better homes that are cheaper to run and putting in place a sustainable, integrated transport network for generations to come.

“Greater Manchester is right at the forefront of this revolution and I’m looking forward to meeting with other mayors and industry leaders to discuss how we can keep working together toward our shared goals.”

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