Cement industry backs carbon capture start-ups

Funding is being provided to six companies, as the sector looks to hit net zero by 2050

Big Zero Report 2023

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has announced that six carbon capture start-ups will receive backing from its members, as part of the industry’s push to hit net zero by 2050.

More than 100 global start-ups entered for the funding, with CarbonOrO, MOF Technologies, Saipem, Carbon Upcycling Technologies, Fortera and Coomtech making up the successful six revealed by the GCCA.

The association’s members have already pledged to have 10 industrial scale carbon capture plants built by 2030.

Thomas Guillot, GCCA Chief Executive, said: “Achieving net zero concrete relies on a number of different groups playing their part and as an industry we’re looking outwards as well as inwards, to see how start-ups like these can support our goals.

“To achieve net zero globally by 2050, we also need to involve and support the future generations who contribute innovative ideas and energy to the industry.

“At GCCA, we’re identifying and convening research and development with great potential and offering our support through guidance and effective collaboration.”

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