Ben & Jerry’s looks for a carbon-clean scoop

It is trialling a farming process that cuts carbon and methane from its products

Big Zero Report 2023

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has announced it is trialling a farming process that promotes low carbon and low methane dairy.

The Unilever-owned brand will apply these new regenerative agriculture scheme on 15 of its farms, seven of which are in the US and eight are in the Netherlands.

It is aiming to bring the emissions produced at these farms to half the US average by the end of 2024.

Farms will produce more home-grown feed to reduce embodied emissions from transport and cows will be given a supplement that reduces the methane produced from flatulence by 80%.

Unilever has allocated $9.3 million (£7.5m) to this venture, as part of its wider €1 billion (£854m) climate fund.

Jenna Evans, Sustainability Manger, said: “This has the potential to make a meaningful reduction in emissions on dairy farms and help fight the worst effects of climate change.

“All of us, especially businesses, must take action before it’s too late and the climate crisis makes our world uninhabitable.”

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