Tuesday 10 May 2022

Energy Policy Insights from AMP Clean Energy

Energy Policy Insights from AMP Clean Energy

In partnership with future Net Zero, the Energy Policy Insights webinars from AMP Clean Energy will explore some of the major energy issues and related policies to help businesses build decarbonisation strategies which prepare for the challenges ahead.

The recent publication of the Government’s Energy Security Strategy has once again highlighted the role of business in helping us to achieve Net Zero, but the policy landscape can be very complex to navigate., with uncertainty surrounding the future support mechanisms which will be available.

Over the next few years, companies will have to engage with a raft of new regulations designed to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and to increase uptake of alternatives.  With industrial processes accounting for 16% of UK emissions, ‘business as usual’ is simply not compatible with progress to Net Zero.

With consumer demand for sustainable products and pressure from the Government for companies to decarbonise, AMP Clean Energy believes that there are real opportunities for forward-looking companies who are willing to act now and to lead the charge. For those businesses who don’t engage, it will become increasingly expensive to ignore the decarbonisation agenda.

Linda Taylor Group Marketing Director at AMP Clean Energy says: “The 2020s will see increasing pressure on business to support the Net Zero transition with decarbonisation no longer becoming a choice but a business imperative. Those companies who take steps to get ahead of the curve will lock in a competitive advantage.

“Our Energy Policy Insights webinars will provide businesses with an expert overview of upcoming policy and regulation and the options open to them to decarbonise their operations.”

The webinar series will include:

  • Industrial decarbonisation - Stuart Reid, Head of Customer Solutions at AMP Clean Energy will discuss the taxes, levies regulation driving down industrial emissions
  • Hydrogen - Mark Tarry, Head of Asset Development and main board director at AMP Clean Energy will explore hydrogen, why it is the preferred solution for low carbon heat, and how businesses can integrate it.
  • Heat and Buildings - Gill Alker, Innovation and Policy Lead at AMP Clean Energy will look at how business can navigate the complex roadmap to Net Zero buildings.

Sign up today to find out how your business can get ahead of the curve and reap the reputational and financial rewards presented by the transition to net zero.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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