Leicester City kicking climate change out the community

The football club has launched a new climate and sustainability education programme

Big Zero Report 2023

Leicester City Football Club has launched a new scheme to educate local schools and residents in how they can promote sustainability and mitigate climate change.

Its ‘Eco Foxes’ team is working alongside Leicester City Council and the Canal and River Trust on the project, which will see locals plant trees, pick up litter and start recycling more.

The action is coupled with new initiatives taking place within the football club, including a vegan week for staff, cutting plastic bag use down and encouraging participants within the club to grow more vegetables and flowers.

“While it’s something we are doing as staff, we are also encouraging external participants and wider community members to take part and try these things at home,” commented Leicester City’s Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Dr Alex Evans.

“Because we are a community organisation, we really want to help support anyone who is interested in sustainability or those who don’t yet know how they can help. We want to provide education and resources for them,” he added.

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