Where should you take your EV on holiday?

Find out the best places to take your electric car for a trip away

Big Zero Report 2023

Where is best place in the UK to take a holiday if you are an electric vehicle (EV) driver?

New analysis has found that Lincolnshire is the place to be – with the highest percentage of accommodation equipped with charging infrastructure, at 5.5%.

West Sussex and Surrey come a close second, with 5.2% of places to stay being set up for electric holiday-goers.

Small accommodation businesses are steadily increasing the availability of EV charging on their premises, as more tourists flock to hotspots in electric cars.

Lincolnshire is home to holiday destinations including Skegness and Cleethorpes, which makes it a popular destination for many families.

Derbyshire and Somerset finalise the top five when it comes to EV readiness, with towns such as Bath and Weston-Super-Mare other popular holiday hubs for Brits.

The worst places for EV owners to holiday included Gwynedd, with just 2.3% of hotels equipped – and Norfolk and Pembrokeshire, both with less than 3%.

Country homes and resorts were the best places to go if you own an EV, with more than 14% having the charging infrastructure in place.

On the other hand, luxury tents are the worst places to go if you drive electric cars – with just 1.1% having chargers – followed by villas (1.5%) and holiday homes (1.8%).

Analysis was conducted by Yesss Electrical.

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