Ellis Hall joins future Net Zero as Head of Carbon Partnerships

Find out what his role entails and how he can help you

Big Zero Report 2023

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“Cutting carbon has to happen, you’re either going to do it voluntarily now, or you’re going to be forced to do it in the future – cause policy is definitely coming.”

This shouldn’t be seen as intimidating or daunting, however, if you’re a business owner.

That’s where our newest member of future Net Zero, Ellis Hall comes in.

As our new Head of Carbon Partnerships, Ellis’ role will be to help you cut your carbon and get you on your net zero journey.

Ellis adds: “We need to set that foundation so it’s a lot easier for businesses. I’m going to bring a background from energy and new insights into carbon, ultimately allowing businesses to be at the forefront of cutting carbon, by providing them with the right insight, technology and connecting these businesses so they can do this before they’re forced to.”

Watch the full interview to learn more about how Ellis can help you and make sure to connect with him on LinkedIn for any questions.

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