Steelmaker uses green hydrogen successfully for first time

ArcelorMittal has used the gas to reduce iron ore in Canada

Big Zero Report 2023

ArcelorMittal has tested the use of green hydrogen successfully at its site in Canada.

The steelmaker has used the gas to reduce iron ore at the facility, in what it claims is a huge step forward to decarbonise the industry.

Around 7% of the natural gas used to cut iron ore was replaced with hydrogen made from renewable energy.

Steel accounts for an estimated 9% of global direct fossil fuel emissions, with high levels of carbon emitted from burning furnaces and melting iron.

Using hydrogen to remove oxygen from iron ore pellets has been considered a great means to cut this carbon footprint, with the backing of many key industry players.

Francois Perras, Arcelor Canada, described the breakthrough as a “milestone” and on hydrogen he commented: “Having this technology proven and eventually scaling it up to higher levels could be a big part of the puzzle to decarbonising our industry.”

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