Samsung TVs certified for carbon reduction

The Carbon Trust has recognised the drop off in emissions in the product

Big Zero Report 2023

Samsung’s new TVs have been awarded a certification from the Carbon Trust for their carbon reduction.

The 2022 Neo QLEDs have been recognised for their smaller carbon footprint, as Samsung has aimed to cut the emissions produced from its products on an annual basis.

Reduction in weight of the products and power consumption has led to 11 of its models being certified by the trust.

CEO Jong-Hee Han announced earlier in the year that the company would use 30 times more recycled plastics in its products than it did in 2021, which has played a key part in quashing the carbon output.

Seokwoo Yong, Executive Vice President, said: “Samsung will continue to implement various sustainability initiatives and eco-conscious activities in line with its ‘Going Green’ vision.”

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