Thursday 21 April 2022

Renewable energy projects and prize fund for first carbon free commercial flight across Atlantic, backed by Water Plus

Renewable energy projects and prize fund for first carbon free commercial flight across Atlantic, backed by Water Plus

It’s all part of the Green Apple Environment Award winner’s Cleaner Climate Promise, with action including the company recognising, each year, organisations looking to reduce their impact on the environment and the amount of carbon released and created.

There will be 500 extra trees for the UK, through the company’s commitment to the environment in 2022, with each “buddied” with three projects including hydro power, solar panel farms and the reduction in methane and carbon dioxide emissions at a wastewater treatment plant in Europe. The verification on the carbon emissions prevented by the projects is through UK-based Carbon Footprint Ltd**.

The partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd also includes Water Plus supporting a prize fund for the first carbon free commercial flight across the Atlantic, from London to New York, powered by 100% renewable energy, encouraging further innovation and quicker progress to help the planet.

Barry McGovaney, Sustainability Lead and Innovation and Technology Manager at Water Plus, said: “Our Cleaner Climate Promise sees us increasing our focus to reduce emissions and cut carbon impacts we can all have each year - from now to the end of 2025 – supporting the UK’s mission to Net Zero and beyond, alongside the wider water industry Net Zero by 2030 commitment. The 500 extra trees in the UK is just one part of doing more for the planet from this year onwards.

“The projects being supported this year prevent CO2 emissions from being caused today, decarbonising the electrical grid and helping the planet, under our approach for the Cleaner Climate Promise. Alongside the support for the projects, Water Plus is boosting UK tree-planting, as an investment in the future, not only increasing carbon sequestration in years to come, but also improving air quality and natural habitats for wildlife.”

Under the Cleaner Climate Promise, the water retailer will support projects each year that help the planet, such as removing carbon or preventing its release - or other innovative approaches to reduce impacts on natural resources.

Carbon Footprint Ltd are retiring Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) credits for 500 tonnes of CO2e, which have been prevented through Water Plus’s support of the renewable energy projects, in recognition of emissions linked to the water retailer. The VCS credits, that Carbon Footprint Ltd can provide, meet requirements under the BSi's PAS 2060 guidance on carbon neutrality.

The extra trees in 2022, builds upon Water Plus supporting additional green canopy for UK communities and schools in 2020 and the creation of 2,023 square metres of new woodland in 2021.

Here’s more on steps organisations can take to reduce water waste, reduce future running costs and lower Greenhouse Gas emissions under Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

**The 500 tonnes of CO2e have already been prevented by Water Plus supporting the renewable energy projects.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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