New EV charging hub opens in Norwich

The facility hosts 35 EV chargers, doubling the number of rapid chargers available in the city

Big Zero Report 2023

Gridserve has opened a new electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Norwich.

This charging facility holds 35 EV chargers, including 22 high-power chargers that Gridserve claims are the fastest chargers commercially available today.

These rapid chargers can provide up to 100 miles of range in just five minutes.

Gridserve has committed to spending £1 billion to improve the EV charging infrastructure throughout the UK, with the new Norwich site the first to benefit.

The facility more than doubles the number of rapid chargers within Norwich, with the area chosen specifically due to its poor position in the EV market.

Currently Norwich has 29 chargers for every 100,000 people – the UK average is 42 per 100,000; with London far in front with 102 per 100,000.

Gridserve believes the new hub will have a great impact on the uptake of EVs in the city, as since its installation of its first hub in Braintree two years ago, EV registrations have grown by 82%.

CEO Toddington Harper said: “Giving drivers the confidence to switch to an electric vehicle and enabling a widespread transition away from fossil fuel vehicles is a central aim of our [sites].

“That’s why we have put the consumer at the heart of our design, with our [sites] serving the needs of local communities in their transition to EVs.

“[This site] showcases a brand-new design, where we have been able to provide both charging and a great customer experience in a smaller footprint than our first site at Braintree.”

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