Purdue University to see carbon reductions with new CHP plant

Carbon emissions are expected to be reduced by around 50,000 metric tons – equivalent to removing 10,000 passenger vehicles from the road

Big Zero Report 2023

A combined heat and power (CHP) plant has been installed at Purdue University to help the institution reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The 16MW natural gas plant on the southern edge of the university’s West Lafayette campus produces electricity as well as provides heating and hot water needs.

By capturing and using heat that would otherwise be wasted during the production of electricity, CHP plants require less fuel to produce the same amount of total energy, which means reduced emissions.

The new plant, installed by Duke Energy, is expected to cut carbon emissions by around 50,000 metric tons – the equivalent of removing 10,000 passenger vehicles from the road.

Mitch Daniels, Purdue University President said: “Duke Energy continues to be a dependable partner, open to innovative ideas and process improvements.

“This collaborative relationship has yielded a new plant that moves us further down the path of carbon reduction and meets the needs of both partners more efficiently than either of us could have achieved alone.”

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