National Grid US forges ahead with decarbonisation plan

The company aims to ditch fossil fuels for its heating systems in New York and Massachusetts by 2050

Big Zero Report 2023

National Grid has today unveiled a plan that will see New York and Massachusetts in the US using ‘fossil-free’ gas by 2050.

The utility giant has said it will eliminate fossil fuels from its heating systems in these two states by expanding the use of electric heat pumps and sourcing more renewable natural gas (RNG).

The RNG is expected to come from landfills and wastewater facilities whilst some will be imported, the company said.

According to the decarbonisation plan, nearly 50% of buildings’ heating will be powered by electric heat pumps with energy sourced from solar and wind projects.

National Grid expects the other half to come from ‘fossil-free’ gas and a hybrid of electric fossil-free gas systems.

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