Wednesday 20 April 2022

Leicestershire to hit net zero by 2045

Leicestershire to hit net zero by 2045

Leicestershire County Council has laid out a new plan to help the county reach net zero by 2045.

It claims its own carbon footprint has dropped by close to 75% with its own reductions in energy use and business travel, with an aim to achieve net zero itself by 2030.

The council currently aims to build eco-friendly schools, plant 700,000 trees, help households reduce their energy consumption and convert fleet vehicles to run on green fuels.

This new proposal will look more at reducing energy use in buildings, helping businesses become greener, increasing the storage of carbon in natural places like soil and forestry and cutting carbon emissions from wider transport.

The plan is being discussed by the council’s cabinet on 26th April and will also be subject to a three-month consultation, where the public can have their say.

Councillor Blake Pain said: “Tackling climate change across the whole of Leicestershire is too big a job for any one organisation – and importantly, it sets out how we can work together to get to net zero by 2045.

“Everyone can play their part and I’d urge people to get involved. By having your say on this key plan, you’ll be shaping a greener Leicestershire for future generations.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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