Tuesday 19 April 2022

Vistra switches on 50MW solar energy facility in Texas

Vistra switches on 50MW solar energy facility in Texas

Vistra, an integrated retail electricity and power generation company, has switched on its 50MW solar power farm in Texas.

The Brightside Solar Facility in Live Oak County is part of the company's growing portfolio of zero carbon power generation assets, known as Vistra Zero.

It consists of more than 147,000 solar panels that can generate enough electricity to power around 25,000 homes.

It is the first of seven new renewable energy and battery storage projects that Vistra is bringing online across Texas over the next few years.

They are all part of nearly $1 billion (£0.77bn) of capital investment by the company initially announced in September 2020.

Curt Morgan, CEO of Vistra said: “With Brightside and additional Vistra Zero projects poised to come online across Texas, our vision of transitioning our fleet to cleaner electric generation is becoming a reality.

“As Texas continues its rapid rate of economic and population growth, Vistra is investing in the grid of the future while serving the needs of its customers who are increasingly seeking green alternatives. We're proud of our long history of powering Texas and look forward to continuing to strengthen the ERCOT grid with additional power to help build the sustainable future all Texans deserve."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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