Where do used chopsticks go?

Footballer Tom Davies speaks about his project that sees chopsticks from Chinese restaurants recycled and turned into new products

Big Zero Report 2023

What happens to chopsticks after they’ve been used in Chinese restaurants? – Most of the time they’re set for landfill.

That’s according to Everton professional footballer Tom Davies, who is a key part of a project called ChopValue alongside his brother, while off the pitch injured.

The English central midfielder explained in an interview with the BBC: “We work with Asian, Chinese restaurants. We collect the chopsticks that they use, there’s thousands that go to waste everyday that we’re trying to collect and save from going to landfill. Then make them into homeware, chairs, tables.”

Sustainability in sport and football in general has become more of a hot topic, with fellow Premier League stars Eric Dier and Patrick Bamford some of the other well-known names in the industry to be pushing for more climate action and thought towards waste and pollution.

On the future of sustainability within the game, Davies told the BBC: “There’s obviously a lot of progress to go in the Premier League. Even at Everton, at the training ground, they’re planting trees, recycling rainwater, trying to go plastic-free, have a bit of a nature reserve at the training ground too.

“We have a lake, we have swans there, sometimes we have different birds, our waste food goes into compost and I think just general things it takes a bit of time to sit down and think where can we improve?

“I’m always trying to learn, trying to understand things. I really do love nature, I love the world that we live in, so I want to protect it. I feel like we’re only here for a short time, so I don’t want to leave the world a worse place than where I’ve come into it.”

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