What if when you bought something, plastic was taken out of the ocean?

I spoke with Ann Sofie Gade from the ReSea Project to understand this possibility

Big Zero Report 2023

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A Copenhagen-based company is helping clean-up the oceans and rivers in Indonesia by removing plastic waste and having it distributed for recycling.

ReSea Project partners with businesses so that when their products are bought by customers, plastic waste is removed to protect the planet and marine wildlife.

Ann Sofie Gade, General Manager at ReSea, explained to me that the company uses blockchain technology to ensure all plastic being removed and recycled is accounted for and that for every €8 (£6.68) spent, 1kg of plastic is removed from oceans and rivers.

“We make sure that our collectors are all using a smartphone with a tracking system, which means they can track every step of their collection process. From where they have collected it, how they have managed it, stored it, all these things – until we come and pick it up,” she said.

Watch the full interview to understand the full scope of what ReaSea do and how Ms Gade believes we should be tackling plastic waste and pollution as a wider issue.

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