Net Hero Podcast – Birdies, eagles and green golf

Can golf be green? In this week’s podcast ahead of the Masters in Augusta we explore the sustainable credentials of the sport

Big Zero Report 2023

I’m not a big golf fan and though I have tried it, as a rite of passage for a middle aged man, I found it underwhelming. But it’s a huge industry and has millions of addicts trundling up fairways as I write this – but how green are golf courses? And that’s not a pun!

They are built all over the country on beaches and inland and all over the world on hills, deserts and swamps. But they use vast amounts of water, golf balls are plastic, with many golf carts still running on diesel or petrol and then there’s all the huge footprint of the goods, equipment and the huge sporting events.

In this week’s podcast I hear from Mike Gray from GreenClub, which is working to make golf more sustainable. It even had me changing my mind so do listen in.

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I’m off on an Easter break so the podcast will return in May.

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