Uber expands EV request to all of London

Customers can now order an electric taxi for the same price all over the city

Big Zero Report 2023

Uber’s option for riders to order electric vehicles (EVs) instead of petrol or diesel cabs is being expanded to the entirety of London.

Its 3.5 million London-based customers will now be able to order an EV taxi at no extra cost to hailing an internal combustion one.

Customers’ prices will remain the same no matter what car they ride in, however, Uber has revealed that drivers will receive a 15% higher fare per trip if they switch to electric – to incentivise more to take steps that improve the environment.

By 2025, the app has committed to only offering EVs throughout London. It has increased the number of EVs in its network by more than 5,000 since it launched ‘Uber Green’ in 2021.

General Manager, Jamie Heywood, said: “We are excited to offer every rider in London the opportunity to choose electric – helping to tackle climate change and clean up London’s air.”

Transport Minister, Trudy Harrison, commented: “It’s brilliant to see Uber playing its part in the drive towards a greener, cleaner future.

“This step comes just a few days after we published our landmark EV Infrastructure Strategy, which showcases what can be achieved when the public and private sector work together on the nationwide switch to EVs.”

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