RWE says all new assets will enhance biodiversity by 2030

It is currently looking to make the areas around its wind farms possible habitats for local animals

Big Zero Report 2023

German energy company RWE has announced that by 2030 all its new assets must have a positive net effect on biodiversity.

It has joined more than 100 companies on the Science Based Target Network (SBTN) to have its impacts on biodiversity as a business measured and monitored.

The company has began assessing whether animals can use the areas around its onshore wind turbines as habitats, with small manmade water bodies and flower strips deployed.

Head of Sustainability, Jens Wiggershaus, said: “When constructing a new onshore wind farm, we are aiming to improve biodiversity compared to before the start of the project.

“We want to be able to measure these improvements and exchange our experiences with others through the SBTN’s Corporate Engagement Program to develop relevant criteria.”

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