UK farmers paid to stop using gas fertiliser

Rocketing gas prices are impacting the agricultural industry, with the government looking for greener solutions

Big Zero Report 2023

The UK government has announced it will pay English farmers to use greener fertilisers, as the cost of agriculture grows alongside energy prices.

British farmers have had prices go up for their fertiliser, fuel and animal feed – and the government is looking to turn this supply issue into an environmentally beneficial one.

Gas-dependent fertilisers such as ammonium nitrate are becoming expensive to run and the supply chain is becoming strained.

Environment Secretary George Eustice has announced new measures that will see farmers paid by the government for using greener fertilisers and reducing their reliance on gas – to clean up the carbon footprint of farming, cut costs and prevent food shortages.

Mr Eustice was warned in a letter from MPs that the price of fertiliser had gone up by 140% in the last year, with the cost of buying a tonne jumping up by a staggering £350 since February.

He stated: “The significant rise in the cost of fertiliser is a reminder that we need to reduce our dependence on manufacturing processes dependent on gas.

“Many of the challenges we face in agriculture will require a fusion of new technology with conventional principles of good farm husbandry.

“The measures we have announced today are not the whole solution but will help farmers manage their nitrogen needs in the year ahead.”

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