Ofgem funds EV to gas network project

The connection to the network means these EVs could run on hydrogen in the future

Big Zero Report 2023

Wales & West Utilities has been given £150,000 in funding from Ofgem to boost electric vehicle (EV) rollout and zero-emission transport.

The gas network is developing a project that allows EVs to be connected to the gas grid for charging.

This connection means that in the future, these fuel cell vehicles could also be converted to run on hydrogen.

Ofgem’s £450 million Strategic Innovation Fund has provided the money to make the turn the idea into a reality.

Matt Hindle, Head of Net Zero at Wales & West, said: “We are delighted to receive this funding which will now allow us to take the project to the next step, assessing the suitability of potential charging locations and discovering which technology configuration is the most suitable to support the at-scale roll out of net zero transport across the UK.

“Maximising the roll out of electric and other zero carbon vehicles is essential if we are to help people transition to green transport and the UK reach net zero.”

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